There are less than 50 custom hatters working in the USA and Dave Brown is considered one of the Premiere Master Hatters in the U.S.A.

Mr. Brown studied under Steve Martin, a Master Hatter at Jaylord Hatters N.Y.C. He apprenticed 5 years traveling from Rural Rochester to New York City. After finishing his apprenticeship he opened up a small hat shop in Rochester, NY and the rest is history.

As a Master Hatter, he has customers all over the world, Dave's clientele go from movie stars and country stars to sports stars. Mr. Brown credentials are recognized by America's best Costume Designers and his hats adorn many movie stars in numerous movies. He has done work, and designed hats for Carnegie Hall (see "Some of Mr. Brown's satisfied customers") M.G.M., Zanuck Group, Dreamworks, Largo Productions, and Warner Bros. to name a few.

Mr. Brown is a believer of the old ways and believes that Hatting is an art and should be kept alive and done as it has been in the past. He uses tools, some over 100 years old, that his master used and that master before him. Mr. Brown also believes that the best Beaver in the world is American Beaver and his hand crafted hats are made from American Beaver or blended with American Beaver done one at a time like a fine portrait.